Seafile desktop client 5.1.1 comes with two new user interface improvements

Seafile desktop client 5.1.1

We have just released Seafile desktop client 5.1.1 with two new user interface improvements and some smaller changes and fixes.

“Groups” category in the client’s library view

This release improves the library organization in the library view of the client interface. Up until this release, the libraries of all groups were listed at the top level. If a user was a member of a lot of groups, the interface would became crowded and the user sometimes had a hard time finding the library he was looking for.

Seafile desktop client 5.1.1 improves this by adding a new top level category called “Groups”. This category can be optionally extended or closed – similar to the new “Groups” section in the Seahub navigation.

groups category

Clicking on Notification pop up opens (sub)folder

The second new feature in the Seafile desktop client 5.1.1 improves the notification popup. In previous versions, clicking on a notification opened the library root folder. Now, if you click a notification, the (sub)folder containing the actual modified file will be opened.

notification popup

Other changes

  • Change “Get Seafile Share Link” to “Get Seafile Download Link”
  • [Fix] Use case-insensitive sorting in cloud file browser
  • [Fix] Don’t sync a folder in Windows if it contains invalid characters instead of creating an empty folder with invalid name
  • [Fix] Fix a rare bug where sometimes files are synced as zero length files. This happens when another software doesn’t change the file timestamp after changing the content of the file.

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