Future development plan of Seafile

After the open conflict between Seafile Ltd. and Seafile GmbH, we received many emails and inquiries from users of the Seafile community. We first want to thank you for supporting Seafile development team. But we also saw some concerns or uncertainties about the future development of Seafile project. These concerns are totally understandable given that Seafile GmbH claimed to fork Seafile. So we feel the necessity to share our thoughts about the future of Seafile.

Since the first release at October 2012, the Seafile development team has been working on Seafile and supporting the community for almost 4 years. We’ve seen that Seafile grows from a small project to a main stream cloud storage solution trusted by many large organizations. As the developer, we’re really proud of our product. And we have good faith in pushing Seafile to greater success. As we stated in our statement, Seafile GmbH’s leave won’t have any effect on our development capability. The core development team are 100% within Seafile Ltd. Community members will continue to get supports and updates to the Seafile community edition. All client apps are still actively developed and maintained by us. The Seafile software released by us will always be the official packages. A new 6.0 version will be available for testing soon. So stay tuned.

In the future we’ll build a more open user community around our new forum (https://forum.seafile.com/). We’ll invite active community members to help manage the forum and coordinate communication within the community.

There are some aspects that we’ll improve in the future:

  • Keep our road map and feature list more stable. In the past there were a period that we removed non-essential features to make Seafile more focused on file sync and share. Now that Seafile has been more stable, we’ll keep the feature list as stable as possible. Road map and feature plan changes will be more careful.
  • Improve installation and packaging of Linux clients and servers. We’ve heard many requests from Linux users about this. We’ll make Linux clients easier for packaging and finally make it into official Debian repositories. We’ll also provide Debian packages for Seafile servers.

Our customers who signed contracts with Seafile GmbH are the ones who are affected most by this event. Seafile Ltd. will honor all the contracts customers signed with Seafile GmbH. We’ll ensure smooth transition for these customers.

A lesson we learned from this conflict is that we have to use law and more rigorous contracts to protect our and our customers’ interest. If we were more careful in law when cooperating with Seafile GmbH, the incident today won’t happen. We’ll use legal ways to protect our brand and copyrights from infringement. Since Seafile Ltd is still a relatively young team, we will keep on learning and growing.